Ways to Give

"Likewise, by offering a tithe from your material possessions, you can make a condition that you offered that what you have. Although you do not offer the whole, offering a portion with all of your heart and mind is valuable in that sense. By offering one, the rest of nine can be also considered to be holy. The person who tithes will never perish. As days go by, his storage room will be filled with more material possessions and blessings." (31-239)
Link to more about tithing and a heart of offering: https://www.tparents.org/moon-books/wsl1/Wsl1-2-4a.htm

The Grand Sanctuary Fund

The 2nd King has received strong guidance from True Father to recreate the fallen Cheongpyung of Korea here in Thorn Hill TN. For the last two years we've been building out the property and infrastructure. Now is the time to build out the crown jewel of the property: The Grand Sanctuary. The Grand Sanctuary will be the central meeting place of the Sanctuary family as well as prepared patriots to build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Save America Guard The World
We need to continue the legal battles with the oppressors who wish to silent the King from fulfilling his mission as True Father's heir & successor. We have had great victories recently but need to continue the fight.

America is in crisis... fighting for her life at the hands of political Satanism / Communism. Now is the time to preach the Gospel & the Rod of Iron Kingdom message. To this end, the King has established the restored Cheongpyung in TN. In addition, the Rod of Iron Freedom Festival is an important outreach to patriots world-wide that are standing up against tyrants to declare freedom and liberty as a God Given right.

One-time Donation

Please Wire any Donations over $5,000

• Tithing funds: TF suggest a minimum of 10% of income• Headquarters expenses: payroll, vehicles, maintenance of properties
• Administrative costs for church buildings, utilities, office related expenses
• Ministry outreach and programs
• Legal
• Asian tours

• Cheongpyeong Development: 2nd and 3rd King’s residence, build out of church buildings, PPPM training facilities, landscaping of trails and gardens
• True Parents Memorial land purchase: Mortgage payments, landscaping and beautification. Remaining build out
• King's PA Palace: Property purchase: Mortgage payments, landscaping and beautification, regular maintenance

• Rod of Iron Freedom Festival in Pennsylvania
• Rod of Iron Freedom Festival in Tennessee

Recurring Monthly Donation

Option 4

Check to Sanctuary

If you live in the US, please send a check to:
Sanctuary Church
 P.O. Box 557 
Newfoundland, PA 18445

Option 5

Bank Wire

If you prefer to send money by bank wire, please contact the church at: sanctuarychurch@sanctuary-pa.org 

Option 6

Money Transfer thru WISE

Works for over 80 countries

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