Rod of Iron Freedom Camp

Announcing two options for this summer at Sanctuary. First is a three-day intensive study of Divine Principle (Rev. Sun Myung Moon's revelation) at Sanctuary Church. Lectures & discussions will be lead by second generation and will be composed of 6 lectures. Other activities will also be included to make this a meaningful and fun experience for everyone.

The second option is a full 8-day summer workshop that will include the 3-day Divine Principle study and 4-5 days of wilderness training at Camp Freedom. This will only be open to second generation under True Father's authority and between the ages of 15 to 35.

3-Day Workshop

DP workshop, a three-day study, at Sanctuary Church: All are invited
Arrival Saturday evening on July 18th / Dinner at 6 pm / Orientation at 7 pm at SC
DP workshop ends Tuesday afternoon around 4 pm

Workshop, Accommodations & Food: $125
Workshop & food: $80
Only Workshop: $50

Full 8-day workshop

DP workshop and Camp Freedom: Limited to 2nd generation ages 15 to 35
Arrival Saturday evening on July 18th / Dinner at 6 pm / Orientation at 7 pm at SC
Departure from Camp Freedom is Sunday 9 am / Workshop official ends after Sunday Service at SC

DP workshop & Wilderness Training at Camp Freedom: $200
Open to the first 70 participants

Original Substance
of Divine Principle

Download the pdfTranslation NotesGlossaryOSDP Seminar, Rev. Yu on 8-15 July 2017

Holy Spirit University

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Christ Kingdom Gospel


Sanctuary Kingdom Academy

This summer we are building upon the great camp we had last year. We are pivoting from a primarily BJJ training camp to focusing more on survival training. Also, the first three days will be a Divine Principle workshop held at Sanctuary church. This will include lectures on the purpose of creation, the Fall, parallels of history, the 2nd coming, and more. Lectures will be given by three young adults from the community - Gideon Raucci, Christina Kise and Mira Williams. The DP workshop will also include group discussion, team building activities, games, sports, and BJJ / self-defense training.

After this we will relocate to Camp Freedom. This site is a campground built and maintained by veterans, and keeps a herd of deer on the property used for sport hunting. These four days will focus on survival training, which includes camping outdoors, hunting, fishing, shooting, foraging and hiking. In addition to the 2nd King, we will receive training from veterans who are also professional hunting guides. The overall purpose of the camp is to become stronger, more capable people who are able to thrive in and defend God’s natural creation, thereby inheriting the ROI Kingdom culture of the Three Kingships. Come on out! We hope to see you all there!

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