OSDP Workshop

August 7 - 13, 2021

Join us August 7-13, 2021 for the OSDP workshop at Sanctuary Church by Rev. Timothy Elder

Rev. Sun Myung Moon, The Returning Jesus, gave his final revelation to mankind through Original Substance Divine Principle (OSDP).

"The OSDP lecture series reveals God’s course through history, from Adam to Jesus to the Second Coming and reveals how we can now realize love between man and woman in blessed marriage that allows us to perfect our love as partners and reflections of God’s love." True Father stated.

The 8 day OSDP course will be given by Rev. Timothy Elder who has been a devote supporter of the King of Kings and his anointed Heir & Successor.

There is no charge for this workshop but you are encouraged to make a gratitude offering to Sanctuary Church. Participants will be responsible for their own food and accommodations. You can participate in any amount of time/days.

Please notify if you are planning to attend.


Original Substance
of Divine Principle

Download the pdfTranslation NotesGlossaryOSDP Seminar, Rev. Yu on 8-15 July 2017

Tears of True Father
Chapters 1-15


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