Sanctuary Kingdom Academy

Schedule & Info

9th semester : 3/13 - 5/23
10th semester : 6/12 - 8/22
11th semester : 9/11 - 11/21
All semesters are 72 days

Space is limited to 12 per semester. You must be 18-30 years old by the first day of the semester.

Fee is $2,300 for 10 weeks. Deposit minimum of $1,000 is needed to secure a space. Balance of program fee due upon arrival in Pennsylvania ($1,300 cash). Fee covers tuition, accommodation, food, transportation, and program activities. Does not cover Sky-Diving or Bush craft kit.

Travel & Boarding: 
Please reserve your flights with an arrival date one day before the start date and departure date one day after program ends. If you want to come earlier or stay longer, please find your own transportation, accommodations, and food as it is not included in the academy fee.

How To Register

Please download and fill out the registration form below (includes a 250 - 500 word essay)  and attach it in an e-mail to

If you don't have a Line account, we request that you create one. Contact us using Line or Kakao (ID: bboymori).

Victor will send accepted applicants a link to the payment page to complete their registration.

Registration Form

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About Sanctuary Kingdom Academy

Connect as citizens of Cheon Il Guk to the 3 Generations Kingship providence that True Father and God have blessed us with. Sanctuary Kingdom Academy has it all, at an enjoyable and fun pace, where students grow in faith, unlock their epigenetics, and are pushed to their limits. Peace Police Peace Militia training is the central part of the program. We train under the motto of "Love God, Love your neighbor."

Our purpose is to protect our King, protect ourselves, protect our families, neighbors and brothers & sisters.

Participants will receive life changing training from the Second King and those who trained directly under him.

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Sanctuary Kingdom Academy is a great opportunity to grow both internally and externally: during our education program, we will cover faith-based topics as well as physical training through our Peace Police & Militia Program, and of course, FUN activities such as hiking, fishing, swimming, and much more. Please see the list of programs below to read all the topics and activities included in this 10-week program!

This summer we are building upon the great camp we had last year. We are pivoting from a primarily BJJ training camp to focusing more on survival training. Also, the first three days will be a Divine Principle workshop held at Sanctuary church. This will include lectures on the purpose of creation, the Fall, parallels of history, the 2nd coming, and more. Lectures will be given by three young adults from the community - Gideon Raucci, Christina Kise and Mira Williams. The DP workshop will also include group discussion, team building activities, games, sports, and BJJ / self-defense training.

After this we will relocate to Camp Freedom. This site is a campground built and maintained by veterans, and keeps a herd of deer on the property used for sport hunting. These four days will focus on survival training, which includes camping outdoors, hunting, fishing, shooting, foraging and hiking. In addition to the 2nd King, we will receive training from veterans who are also professional hunting guides. The overall purpose of the camp is to become stronger, more capable people who are able to thrive in and defend God’s natural creation, thereby inheriting the ROI Kingdom culture of the Three Kingships. Come on out! We hope to see you all there!


Faith education program

  • Absolute sex, Purity Lecture
  • The King’s Report
  • Korean Service, English Service
  • Queen’s Lecture
  • Bible Lecture
  • Divine Principle Lecture
  • Political Satanism Lecture
  • Importance of Three Kingships and the providence Lecture
  • C.I.G Constitution Lecture
  • Matching, Blessing, Love and Respect Lecture
  • Blessing Testimony
  • The 2nd King’s Past, Present, Future

Additional programs

  • Skydiving, Hiking, Traveling, Fishing, Swimming, Rafting
  • Wood crafting
  • Korean class, English class
  • Business, Managing time Lecture
  • Volunteering: Farm work, Managing land, Cleaning church
  • Planting Vegetables
  • How to use an oven, Taking care of food, Nutritious, Healthy food
  • American History, 2nd Amendment

Peace Police & Militia Program

  • Basic Self Defense + Importance of Weapon + EDC Lecture
  • Self Defense Mindset and Security Mindset Lecture
  • King’s Training
  • BJJ, Take-down, Boxing, etc.
  • Knife Training
  • Kali eskrima Training
  • Rod of iron Training, Paintball or Air-soft
  • Medical, First Aid Lecture
  • Front roll, Back roll, Jump roll, How to jump out of moving car, How to carry an incapacitated person, etc.
  • Exercise, Weight lifting, Some bboy techniques
  • Bush crafting, Survival
  • Having dominion over creations (Chicken Harvest)
  • Meditation
  • Ice challenge, Wim hof breathing
Victor Moon and Amu Moon
King Victor Moon with his Queen, Amu Moon

Letter from Academy Director, King Victor Moon

Welcome to the Sanctuary Kingdom Academy page! This is Victor Moon, director of the Academy.

The Academy starts again this March, 2020.

This is a really great opportunity, because the King gets busier and busier. He travels around a lot, and nobody knows when an opportunity like this will arise again.

I hope you will not miss this chance to meet the Second King and train together with him.

We are looking forward to receiving your application, and training with you this year!